Sat, 2nd Aug. 2014

Here's some of the thing people said about LOTF 2013:

"Lounge on the Farm is a unique festival that encompasses all that a festival should. With great music and up and coming artists, scrumptious food, a joyful and chilled atmosphere, and eccentric entertainment, there really is something for everyone. It's a must try experience, and just like this year, we look forward to lounging on the farm again. See you there."

- Sarah Serota,


"Lounge on the Farm is a small, unique festival that hasn't transformed into a mammoth array of Pizza Express mini restaurants, mainstream popstars and gargantuan ticket prices – the road many other U.K music festivals have taken.

It has kept its alternative, uber relaxed vibe alight by keeping things intimate, local and damn right cheap."

- Bess Browning,


"Lounge On The Farm 2013 turned out to be a festival of delightful surprises where less is sometimes more and bigger isn't necessarily better. The intimacy of the sets and the beguiling performances from many of the artists meant that the music was really able to make a connection. Lounge On The Farm maintained its lovely chilled out family vibe and relaxed atmosphere giving rise to a very pleasurable weekend."

- Andrew Lockwood,



Lounge 2013 Video